Do You Need A Fast Business Loan?

We’re experts in the working capital needs of small businesses. Headquartered in Southern California, Business Funding Source’s technology-enabled financing platform provides up to $2 million in Business Funding and merchant cash advances to businesses in all 50 states and Canada. A direct funding source and industry leader since 2000, we’ve delivered more than $1 billion in total financing to small and mid-sized businesses across more than 300 industries, helping entrepreneurs like you to access working capital for any business need.

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Business Funding: What It Is and Why You Need It


As an entrepreneur, you have plenty of experience in conquering unknowns. From your first day learning how to write a business plan to applying for your first business license, hiring your first employees, dealing with taxes and accounting and legal considerations…

Every step in starting and growing your business involves learning something new.

And if you’ve never sought out financing for your small business, finding the right business funding might be a daunting task (no matter what stage your business is in).

Business Funding Source finances the future of small business with technology and insight. We provide funding to a wide range of businesses including retailers, restaurants, hotels, medical

professionals, manufacturers, wholesalers and suppliers. Our funding solutions include Cash Advance, Revenue-Based Funding (ACH), Long Term Funding, Asset-Based funding.

Preparing Your Small Business’s 2018 Marketing Plan

It’s that time of year again. A chill is in the air, colorful lights are up, and there’s holiday music on the radio. So obviously, that means it’s time to put together a marketing plan for your business for next year, right? Yes, while that’s certainly at the top of everyone’s holiday

How to Retain Your Business’s Seasonal Employees

The holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier every year. Many retailers start advertising holiday promotions as soon as temperatures drop below 80 degrees and some business owners hire seasonal employees for the holiday rush. According to a survey from, 43% o

Addressing the Skills Gap in the Construction Industry

If you haven’t felt its effects already, you’ve at the very least heard about it: The Skills Gap. No, it’s not a store at the mall wedged between Foot Locker and Sbarro where you go to learn how to weld. The skills gap is a very unfortunate reality whereas your business has specialized work that needs to be done, but not enough people with the skills to do it.

The problem is that while the construction industry is growing (McGraw Hill projects that non-residential construction will increase 73% in the coming year over 2011), fewer people are getting into the trade. With an estimated 19% of the construction workforce set to retire in the next decade, the gap between your need for workers and the available pool is only going to increase.

But it’s not an inevitable fate. There are things your construction business can do – along with the rest of the construction industry – to help ease the skills gap and ensure you’ve got an effective workforce for the years to come.